Finding a Career With an Impact

- Updated December 3, 2017

Are you happy with your current employment situation? Do you enjoy the work you do? Are you good at it and doing your best? Do you feel respected and appreciated by the people you work with or for? Are your merits rewarded with proper recognition and advancement? Do you believe you are being paid what you are worth? Are you able to balance your work with your personal and family life? Do you feel that your work has a positive impact on other people’s lives or on any other aspect of the world? Are you certain every day that you will still be employed tomorrow?

If you did not consciously answer each and every one of the above questions either Yes or No, please do so now, before you continue reading this article.

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Whether you are a worker on someone else’s payroll or run your own company, all of the above questions are crucial as you determine the level of satisfaction and security that your employment is giving you. If any of your answers are negative, it is time to reevaluate the situation and see what you can do to correct it. If several of your answers are negative, you could benefit from a career change.

As you decide what new career to choose, consider its impact on various aspects of your life.

Impact On Your Finances

There are two kinds of expenses: the needs and the wants. In a perfect world, your employment income would cover both of them, but the world is seldom perfect. On top of that, once you are able to satisfy all of your needs and wants, your human nature will ensure that they increase.

Find a career that can grow with you. Performance-based pay, such as in sales, may be more rewarding long term than a fixed salary.

Impact On Your Time

No amount of money justifies giving up what is really important to you, and maintaining a reasonable work-life balance is crucial for all aspects of your health: physical, mental, and emotional. “All work and no play” does not only make Jack a dull boy or Jill a dull girl. It can also turn them into very frustrated and miserable wretches.

Find a career that gives you a flexible schedule and does not enslave you. If you cannot find a compassionate boss, become one yourself. You can also become an online essay writer australia and have your own schedule.

Impact On Your Happiness

Work should do more for you than merely put bread on the table. If you spend about half of your waking time working, it is important that you enjoy both what you do and the people with whom you need to interact.

Look for a career that matches not only your talents, but also your interests and passions, and for work environment filled with mutual support and respect. It is unusual to find these qualities in the corporate world. Small, family owned companies or a company you start will have a better chance to satisfy these needs.

Your Impact On Others

You will feel a lot more satisfied with your work when you feel it is important. If through your work you can help other people achieve their goals, you will simultaneously achieve yours.

Find a career that allows you to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. Again, you are more likely to find this in a small company rather than a large, faceless corporation. And if it is a small company you run, your impact will be so much greater!

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