Positive And Negative Sides

- Updated March 31, 2018

Any kind of composition we do there is a prewriting aspect to putting together a persuasive paragraph the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to choose your topic you are then going to brainstorm arguments and place them in a graphic organizer you’re going to pick a side that you’re going to take on the subject and you are going to prioritize you our arguments and we’re going to take these one by one and discuss them now as far as choosing a topic very often your topics will be assigned to you a teacher by a teacher rather or you will have been given a small set of topics to choose from well if you’re dealing in that kind of limited universe choosing a topic is essentially a pretty easy a pretty easy thing you either won’t have to choose a topic at all or you’ll have a very limited set of choices if not if a teacher just says to you I want you to write a persuasive essay or paragraph on whatever you choose. Read more articles about arguments in persuasion essay on Edusson.

Well then you’ve got a big big universe to choose from I suggest that in that case you choose a topic you are genuinely interested in and enthused about it always makes writing easier if it’s something that you’ve got some real enthusiasm or feeling for next you are going to brainstorm and I want to emphasize this when we pick a topic we may already have strong feelings about it and you may be ready to say okay well I’m in favor of this issue so I’m going to write on this and I’m going to concentrate all my efforts and thinking about arguments to support my point of view I’m asking that you do not do that at least not yet when you start brainstorming don’t choose sides on your topic what I want you to do is thoroughly brainstorm both sides of the argument both the the positive side and the negative side because believe me I can’t think of too many issues where you could not make an argument for each side a good argument.

So keep in mind that brainstorming involves both sides of the question don’t decide which one you’re going to write about and you’re going to create a graphic organizer to list your arguments and we’re going to take a look at a sample of the graphic organizer I haven’t in a moment here it is I’ve taken as an example of my topic should people use bicycles to make short trips now notice that this is a yes-or-no question and if we phrase persuasive essay questions in this yes or no form it makes life a whole lot easier so what I want to do is think about all aspects of this question both the positive sides and the negative sides so on the positive side I came up with five arguments about why people should use bikes to make short trips can decrease pollution can result in better health reduced gasoline consumption slowing down our busy lives and less use of cars means they will last longer okay but I also thought about the negative side of the question.

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