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- Updated March 15, 2018

As soon as I get an essay and some reading so I do I go through and I categorize where each of them is for example the first one be Otis Virgil a study in civilized poetry I’ve actually had this out before so it should be available in Oriole library I’ll show you how solo works there are four other people doing this essay so it might already be our online you don’t even have to type in the whole title I could type in Otis civilize they’re like keywords it’s the top link there and you click on it because there are multiple then show you so there are three different editions that are available and basically just go through and I find one first.

Well if there’s one Oriole if this one is in Oriole you see gives you a list of libraries of habit and that includes all the college libraries although you’re only allowed to use your own individual college library you can’t use other other colleges but it’s available in Oriole so I click the little plus and oh damn it’s out online so I that means one of the other four people who are doing it in oral at the moment already has out on loan so I might it depends I might message them as CSS so using it all I’ll find it somewhere so just to show you if that was available this is the cool number what that means is basically like the shelf number like where is on the shelf so I know where this is in Oriole and you will get an instruction to whatever library that you are using you get it loads of library introductions so that’s where I find it.

So yeah that’s basically the process I’m going to go and head and do that for all of them what I do is I if they’re available in Oriole I highlight them orange if they’re available online I’ll highlight them in greens if they’re available in the blood lien I will highlight them in pink and if necessary if they’re available for classics in the Sakura I would highlight them in a different color I don’t know I haven’t got sort of colourful sackler because the Sakura is the classics library the classics Learning Library and you can actually borrow items from there whereas in the body and you can’t so sometimes I get stuff out from the fat Club but it’s a little ways away and I don’t really like going there .

Okay I will see you once this is done ok I’m back and that’s because I went down to the rd edition of this and that this one is also available in Oriole it’s a standard loan available which means it’s available to be taken out on loan so what I do now I highlight it in orange to indicate that it’s available in Oriole and then I will write the call number in my little notebook this one is d point I go through and I do that for each of the books that are on my reading list.

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