You And The Admissions Committee

- Updated April 26, 2018

Don’t let the questions restrict you which is to say think about what it is you want to share with the admissions committee and then worry about which question it makes it into and if it doesn’t again you create your own question so and even in that process in a few minutes I will get into what does this all mean and what do I possibly say but once you but once you look at these questions and you start to think you start to ask them questions the one thing I would also suggest is that you brainstorm two or three completely different topics the most important point to realize about this essay writing process is that it’s just that it’s a process and it’s time-consuming and it’s it’s not something you want to wait to do at the last minute. Find out more about communication with admissions committee on Edusson.

So all right where do I begin is what every student asks I don’t know what to say well the first question you want to ask yourself is what makes you unique what makes you different you want to be honest you want to be original but you want to try to find something about yourself that maybe you’re not even aware of or maybe you haven’t yet shared with other people it’s okay to be personal in fact that’s why it’s called personal statement they want to know who you are they want to know what you think they’re looking for original thinkers people who have a strong point of view or perspective on life or a passion about something in particular a lot of students come to me and they’re afraid to feel too strongly about something or I’ve had students where they have really strong interesting ideas but their parents are afraid don’t too much don’t show what you really think just keep it formal and I always encourage students to be free to really explore what it is that they want is saying too often and I apologize I know parents play a really important role in this and and parents you are essential.

But often I’ve come across situations where parents think they know what is best in terms of guiding and the truth is admissions committees they they have read so many thousands of essays they know when a student is being open and honest and when they’re sort of being guided by something that isn’t as effectively themselves so I had a friend it was a while ago but back when she went to school and her father gone to Harvard and he wanted her to go to Harvard and so he told her to write a very particular kind of essay and so for all the Ivy except for brown she wrote a more traditional essay and then for brown don’t know if she told her dad or not but she wrote about a subject that she felt very passionate about I’ll get two subjects in a minute I’ll elaborate in a minute and Brown was the only school of the Ivy’s that accepted her.

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